Ankeny Homes for Sale

Ankeny Homes for Sale

The most engaging city in Iowa


Ankeny is one of the fastest growing communities in Iowa with more and more people flocking to this part of the country to enjoy all the benefits and amenities that the city offers. If you are looking to get outdoors then you have certainly come to the right place, as Ankeny has over 40 parks and an impressive 80 trails, as well as being positioned near the stunning Saylorville Lake. There is an amazing 25,000 acres of recreation space, so those with children or anyone who loves the countryside will be spoilt for choice here.

Ankeny is also a great place to relocate to as it has a low crime rate coupled with a wide range of great schools and higher learning facilities. Retail sales are also increasing in Ankeny, so if you are looking to open a business then you will find plenty of opportunity in the city. Investment has also increased by half a billion dollars in the past two years alone, and you will find supportive business partners and industry leaders who are dedicated to helping Ankeny develop and progress as a market leader.

Whether you are looking to move to Ankeny with a family, as part of a couple, or as a solo buyer, you will find a great mix of entertainment and outdoor facilities mixed with strong growth and business opportunities.

Things to do in Ankeny

Ankeny has over 40 parks and an impressive 80 trails