Des Moines Homes for Sale

Des Moines Iowa Home For Sale

The most beautiful city in Iowa

Des Moines:

Des Moines is the perfect spot for families, couples, or solo buyers and you will find a wide range of housing including spectacular homes built in the Colonial and Tudor styles that date from the 1900s. Des Moines has a number of serene neighborhoods which are still close to the vibrant downtown area known for its lofts and condos that are ideal for millennial buyers. Anyone with a family can also choose the suburbs of Des Moines which sees a huge amount of growth with new developments being added all over the area.

The metro area of Des Moines has a population of just over 600,000 which means it has a small town atmosphere. Des Moines residents are also known for being some of the friendliest in the country, so if you are new in town you will find a welcoming environment and plenty of attractions to keep you occupied. Des Moines has a wide array of festivals and cultural events throughout the year that are perfect for residents of all ages, and you will also find delicious eateries, dynamic bars, and specialty shops all over town. If you like to get outdoors then Des Moines won’t disappoint and you can enjoy lakes, scenic bike trails and picturesque parks.

Vibrant Downtown living, Trendy Lofts, Condos, Colonial & Tudor Style Homes