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Did you know your home may~be needed on the market now? I have buyers ready to go! The problem? My buyers are simply not finding what they are looking for. Did you know there are not enough homes on the market today? If your home is not on the market now, please contact me if you have what my buyers are looking for, pleases watch the 1-minute video below! 

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I’ve been busy showing homes to my qualified buyers & they are not finding what they are needing in their ideal home! Do you know at this time in our local Real Estate Market you may~be able to sell your home for the most money & in the least amount of time? If you’ve been thinking about selling your home & waiting until spring, who knows what the market will be doing, but, as of now, the market is strong & homes are selling quickly if priced correctly! If you’ve been thinking about selling your home then you need to know how much your home is worth in today’s market, please see below & click on the link & you will be taken to the page that will require your home address to find out! Maybe you are selling your home via  FSBO, (For Sale by Owner) FREE Ebook Download:  Secrets to selling “Let’s Sell Our House With or Without a Real Estate Agent” 

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The 30-second video will go into more detail please consider watching it! I need the following homes!

Altoona area: 3/4, bedrooms, price up to $225,000

Waukee area: 3/4, bedrooms, price up to $325,000

Clive area: 3/4, bedrooms, price up to $225000

Des Moines area: 3/4 bedrooms, price up to $220,000

Urbandale area: 3/4 bedrooms, price up to $285,000

Pleasantville is up & coming! I have buyers looking for homes $80,000 – up to $225,000! 

I’ve got buyers ready to go! If you are thinking about selling your home & want to know how much your home will sell for on the market today, please go to “How Much is my Home Worth” 

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Now is the right time to list your home on the market for sale there has never been a better opportunity than right now! Also, I’ve got buyers that are looking for a clean slate home as well! What’s clean state mean? A home that needs updating! I have buyers who would love to go in & re-do their home in their own way without feeling guilty about tearing out new fixtures & ripping up new flooring, if your home offers this, please give me a call or text, or email me! If you are wanting to know the home’s worth before we meet please go to the above link how much is my home worth, & fill out the needed information!

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