Killer Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Sell Your Home Quickly & for the Most Amount of Money

Wendy Mundy
Wendy Mundy
Published on October 8, 2017

When you want to sell your home, one of the most important things (after the price) is the right marketing strategy. This will be the difference between a successful sale and your home languishing on the market for months. The right strategy is also one of the biggest questions that home sellers have when it comes to real estate marketing and this is one of the key factors that they need to ask their real estate agent.

One of the main problems that sellers have is that they don’t feel that Real Estate Agents are serious enough about marketing their home fully. But if you get a top real estate agent then there are lots of different techniques that they can use to market and ultimately sell your home. Some of these techniques are related to promoting your home directly and some are not so obvious but will have a big impact on the marketing strategy for your home.

As one of the top Real Estate Agents in the Des Moines Iowa, & surrounding areas, I feel that it is so important that sellers fully understand how their home is going to be marketed, where this will happen and why. I also find it important than my potential sellers understand that there are so many different marketing techniques that top Real Estate Agents can use to lift the overall exposure of the seller’s home, even if this is behind the scenes.

So, if you are thinking of selling your home, and you are thinking about the kinds of real estate marketing strategies that you need to use, then read on. In this article, you will find some of the most effective and most unique marketing strategies in the real estate business!

Print Advertising and Traditional Real Estate Marketing Techniques:

There are a lot of Real Estate Agents who do not think that print advertising and traditional marketing strategies are effective. It may be true that print advertising and traditional techniques have decreased somewhat in recent years, but this does not mean that they are not effective at all and they can actually be very helpful to an overall marketing campaign.

Some of the most effective print advertising and traditional marketing strategies are as follows…

Newspaper advertising:

This depends on where you live in many cases, but some newspapers still have a huge number of readers. Depending on your area, it may be that a local paper ranks as one of the highest in the country in terms of readership, so you will be able to catch the eye of a huge number of readers at one time. Most newspapers also have their own dedicated real estate section where readers will look to find out about homes for sale in their area.

A lot of newspaper readership is now online. Audiences now read most of their content online which means that digital newspaper readership is more popular than ever. Many newspapers realize that the internet has changed the way readers access their content and they have moved to digital versions of their newspapers. This means that people can now read the news, and real estate advertisements, on their computers, tablets, iPads and mobile devices making it quick and easy for them to access content.

This means that newspaper advertising is still one of the most effective ways of marketing real estate and there is evidence that when a home is advertised online, the traffic for the listing increases in the days following the run of the advertisement. The reason for this is that if a potential buyer sees a property advertised in a newspaper, they will usually immediately jump online to learn more about it.

Local Gazettes, Heralds and Posts:

As well as city newspapers, a huge number of local communities also have their own dedicated newspaper or magazine. This means that there is still great value to be had in advertising your property in a local gazette, herald or post as well as local newspapers that focus on real estate.

The main reason why it is beneficial to advertise in a local paper is that it usually caters to a specific audience. Residents who are looking to move in a local town will often change their property but will usually not move outside of that town. This is the reason why advertising your home in a local publication is a good way of attracting serious buyers.


Have you ever noticed that you easily remember quotes or phrases from commercials that you see on television? Pretty much everyone will say ‘yes’ to this, and that is why television advertising can be a very effective real estate marketing strategy.

This depends on the real estate company you are using and where you are selling a property however, so television advertising may be a great way to promote your home or it might not be a good option for your area.

One example would be if your area has a television show which has a large number of viewers. In this case, you can promote your home to a wide variety of serious buyers in just a few minutes!

Postcard and Direct Mail Marketing:

Another good print strategy that many serious Real Estate Agents use to sell your home is to promote it on postcards. These are then sent out in the local community and can be a very effective way of letting people in your area know that there is a home for sale in the neighborhood, including all the most important details of the property.

This is therefore a great marketing tool as local residents receive a postcard directly and they may also pass this on to friends or family who are searching for a home in that neighborhood. As postcards are informative and comprehensive, they can easily be shared amongst potential buyers.

Postcard marketing is also a great choice, although it does also require a Real Estate Agent to spend some money upfront, but it is worth it as it is such a good way to market a home. That said, there are a range of things that a seller can expect from a Real Estate Agent when they sell their home and one of the most important is a number of specialized marketing strategies that require them to invest money in advertising before they have made a sale.

Top Real Estate Marketing Strategies To Bring You The Most Online Exposure:

It is proven in the real estate business that more than 90% of potential buyers start their search for a new home online. This is a very important statistic and it shows that it is paramount that your home is marketed online. For this reason all top Real Estate Agents will have a strong online portfolio.

Here are some of the most worthwhile real estate marketing strategies that will bring you the most online exposure…


Almost all Real Estate Brokers now have their own website. But just because a broker has a website it doesn’t mean that all their agents have one as well. This means that if you want maximum exposure online then you need to find an agent who also has their own website.

A Real Estate Agent needs to have their own website and it also needs to be easy to use and rank highly on website rankings. Some examples of a good website include ones which have search features, comprehensive community pages and are compatible for use on a mobile device.

The most important thing is that when a Real Estate Agent sells your home, they have a website that tells potential buyers everything they need to know about a property. This means features like full home searches and information about the local real estate community.

An Informative and Current Blog:

A top sign that a Real Estate Agent has a wide online presence is if they have an informative blog that always stays current. This means they should update the blog regularly and this can be a very good tool for a seller as it allows the agent to list and discuss the details of their property.

Most multiple listing services (known as MLS) have a limited number of characters and photos that you can use, so a detailed blog post is a great way to get all the information out there about your home.

A good Real Estate Agent will have a comprehensive blog as this will let them share their knowledge and years of experience with buyers. If a seller has a home that is a good choice for first time buyers, then it can be useful if an agent has articles that are aimed at first time home buyers. This shows first time buyers how they can purchase a home and also benefits a seller as it gives buyers detailed information which will stimulate a sale.

There is nothing more annoying than a buyer who decides not to go through with a sale and this can happen if they don’t have all the information they need when they decide to make an offer on a home in the first place. A good blog with home buying tips for buyers can help with this from the very beginning.

High Quality Pictures:

As we have established, most buyers start searching for a home on the internet. For this reason, it is very important that a Real Estate Agent has high quality pictures of properties available on their website. A seller who is looking for a home will want to see pictures that show the home to its full potential.

Some good Real Estate Agents will spend money hiring a professional photographer to take photographs of potential properties. This costs them more upfront but it is more than worth it. This is especially true if sellers have a luxury home on the market.

On the flipside, some agents choose not to hire a professional photographer and this may not be a bad decision if they have the proper skills and equipment to still take spectacular photographs. The most important thing is that Real Estate Agents have good quality photographs to show potential buyers, however they choose to get them done. As s result, it is important that sellers know what kind of quality photographs they can expect.

If a real estate agent uses low quality images of a home then this could be the difference between whether it sells or stays on the market for months on end.


More and more people want to see video now as opposed to anything else. Video has completely changed the real estate market and potential buyers can now sit at their computer and enjoy a virtual walk through on a listed home, which is a truly amazing development. Good quality photos &  super great blogs give the buyer a true picture of the home, thus buyers makes their decisions based on this rather they want to view the home or not, also making open houses a thing of the past, as only 1% percent of open houses sell, & they really are known to be for the agents holding them open then for the home seller.

When you sell your home, you should ask a Real Estate Agent if they are going to use video to promote your home and how they are going to do this. It could be that they shoot the video themselves, or that they make a video using pictures of your home. They may also hire a professional to produce a video so it is important to ask what kind of video you can expect.

Social Media:

The real estate market and social media are inextricably linked. As a seller, you should expect your Real Estate Agent to use social media as part of their overall marketing strategy. There are a number of websites that serious Real Estate Agents will use to help you, the seller, get added exposure for your home.

Some of the most popular social media websites that Real Estate Agents use to help sell a home are listed below…


So many people nowadays have a Facebook profile. This means that Facebook is a great way for real estate professional to reach a large number of residents in your local area and attract potential buyers.

If you are a seller, then it is important that you understand that Facebook is a key part of marketing in the real estate business. This does not mean that it needs to be the main focus of a marketing campaign, but it could be a very important part of it. Serious Real Estate Agents will always have their own Facebook business page and they will update this frequently with new content as well as high quality advice about the real estate industry.

Look for agents who use Facebook to give real estate advice to their followers, as this means that they are more likely to attract potential buyers to your listing and in turn make a sale. Facebook is also a great way of using targeted ads which can be used for a certain demographic in your area and will focus on people who are looking to purchase a new home.

When you sell your home, it is pretty easy to tell if a Real Estate Agent is using Facebook properly or not. The best way to do this is to look at their business page, & see that they are adding fresh content on a regular basics.


If you are selling your home then know that Twitter should be a part of any Real Estate Agent’s marketing strategy. Realistically, most buyers do not find a home using just Twitter, but it can still be a great way for a Real Estate Agent to become known as an authority on their local real estate area.

One mistake that some Real Estate Agents make is that they just use Twitter to publish their latest listings which is not particularly helpful. Instead, if you want to make sure an agent is using Twitter effectively, make sure that they are also regularly uploading content that is helpful for buyers.

One of the best ways to understand how an agent should be using Twitter is to check out how much free information they are giving away online. If they have a large amount of information available online, then there is a higher chance that followers will contact them and want to work with them. This will in turn help to sell your home quickly and effectively.


As we have already discussed, high quality photographs are very important if you want to have a successful real estate marketing plan. One of the best ways to use these photographs is through Pinterest which is a social media outlet that allows agents to promote the home of their sellers as well as upload other important and helpful content about the buying process.

As with Twitter, a buyer probably won’t find their home just from Pinterest, but they may become interested in a particular neighborhood or they will find high quality real estate information through this medium. A Good Real Estate Agent will provide real estate information for their local community as well as wider information that applies to all areas of the real estate process. In this way Pinterest allows real estate agents to demonstrate their expertise online so that a potential buyer will choose them to help find their dream home.


Another key social media site that is important for Real Estate Agents is LinkedIn. This can be used like Twitter or Pinterest and it is a great place to show that the agent is an authority on the local community real estate market. It is very important that a Real Estate Agent uses LinkedIn to make relationships and connections with the local community who may then reach out when they want to purchase a home in the area.

LinkedIn allows you to find groups of residents in one particular community and Real Estate Agents should use this carefully. They should not just flood their LinkedIn with listings but they should also provide their local community with information on the real estate business and with other information such as community events.

As with other forms of social media, LinkedIn may not bring in buyers instantly but it will help to raise their profile in the local area and make them seem like an authority. This will then lead to clients in the future and is an important part of the overall real estate marketing strategy for your home.

Google Plus:

Google Plus is a social media site that many sellers don’t use. A Good Real Estate Agent however will use Google Plus as an important part of their real estate marketing plan for several reasons.

The first is that Google Plus is a product owned by Google so when something is posted on Google plus it is usually quickly indexed by a search engine for increased hits. If a domain gets a lot of shares to Google Plus then Google will also look at this domain as a great source of information and its index will increase. This means that a seller’s home will have a higher change of being found online by a buyer doing a search.

Google Plus, like LinkedIn, can also be used for the local community. In a city there may be lots of different community groups and these can be a great place for a real estate agent to show that they are an authority on the local area.

Content Curation:

When you are selling a home, you may wonder what your Real Estate Agent is actually doing. This is one of the most important questions when you want to find out about their real estate marketing strategy and one of the key things they should be doing is high level content curation.

In a nutshell, content curation is the process of going through huge amounts of content and presenting it in an organized way that is meaningful and demonstrates a topic clearly.

This is important in the real estate business as this can have a big impact on the traffic that a website will receive and this traffic then means that a real estate website will rank higher in search engines. Put simply, this means that there is more chance of a seller seeing your home this way.

There are a number of places that a Real Estate Agent can curate content which are listed below…


Have you ever found yourself looking for a specific topic but unable to find any quality information about it? Bundlr is a wonderful content curation site that lets Real Estate Agents make ‘Bundles’ of articles that all relate to one topic.

Any homeowner who wants to sell their home needs to know how to do this quickly and easily. If you look at Bundlr, then you can see things such as a list of top resources for selling your home from top sellers in the business.


Anyone who loves lists should head on over the Listly which is a great online curation tool. This allows Real Estate Agents to make lists of links to content grouped around one specific topic. One example of how to use this tool would be if you are selling or buying a home in the winter, then you will find that there are a number of tips that you need to follow. This is a specific topic and you could then go to Listly and find a whole lot of top winter articles for buyers and sellers.


Another good content creation took is Learnist which is used by many top Real Estate Agents. This is similar in style to Listly and Bundlr and it allows agents to make top articles on one topic in a single place. An example of how to use Learnist is that you can provide fantastic content which provides links to articles on a topic such as first time home seller tips. If you are selling your home for the first time then this is a great way to find all the helpful information you need in one place.


Tumblr is one of the best-known curation sites that is used in the real estate business. Tumblr allows Real Estate Agents the ability to make their own posts about a number of real estate topics quickly and easily. If you are selling a vacation home for example, and a buyer wants to buy a vacation home, then a Tumblr blog post is a really helpful tool. The buyer could then look at Tumblr and read a number of tips on whether buying a vacation home is a good idea and find ways to make the whole process easier.


It is well known that readers don’t want to go through article after article to find the information they want so they can use BagTheWeb which is another content curation site that is a great asset to a real estate marketing plan. One way to use this would be if you wanted to know about the tax implications of owning a home. Using BagTheWeb you could then find an easy to read list of articles all about real estate tax.

LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn uses often don’t realize that there is also a way that they can curate content. This is called LinkedIn Pulse which is a blog that operates as part of your LinkedIn account and is a wonderful real estate marketing tool.

When something is published on LinkedIn Pulse, users get a notification that there is a new publication. Serious Real Estate Agents will then be able to connect with a huge number of local residents and can share high quality information that also shows they are an authority in their area.


Any good realtor should also include Behance as part of their content curation tools. This is similar to Tumblr and LinkedIn Pulse and allows Real Estate Agents to put their own blog on a website.

When someone wants to sell their property, they can make a number of mistakes such as overpricing their home, choosing the wrong agent or refusing to allow their home to be shown. However, if a seller finds an article on Behance then that tells them all the things they need to avoid doing when they want to sell their home, then this will be incredibly useful to them.

Another good content curation tool that Real Estate Agents should use is This allows Real Estate Agents to use categories and share high quality articles that are related to a topic and add their own insights.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, it is paramount that you do some kind of research as part of the process. This is why it is so important for a Real Estate Agent to have a place where buyers and sellers can find high quality information and curation sites like are a great way to do this.


Storify is one of the easiest and the most appealing of all content curation sites available to real estate professionals. This tool allows you to arrange information into a ‘storybook’ which is very helpful for a buyer or seller. An example of how to use this would be for someone looking for the top real estate communities in one area.


Real estate marketing is paramount if your home selling process is going to be successful. To that end, there are a number of real estate marketing techniques that are crucial and that you should expect from any good Real Estate Agent.

If a Real Estate Agent uses print advertising, has a solid online presence, uses social media well and also has some great online real estate content creation, then there is a much higher chance that they will sell your home quickly and efficiently, & for top dollar.

If you find a Real Estate Agent who does not use any of these methods of marketing, then you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars in lost money on your house price and spend months waiting for a sale.

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